5 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Booking Your Wedding Dj Entertainment

1. Reviews

Reviews don’t lie. They are a great indication of how reliable the Wedding Dj entertainment business is. We are proud to say the Premier Wedding Dj’s have received hundreds of continuous 5 star reviews from our past couples rating the service they received from our team for their wedding receptions. Feel free to contact them for their honest feedback and appraisals of how we done at their wedding reception.

2. Being A Wedding Dj Is More Than Just Playing Music

A Wedding Dj’s job is to create the best atmosphere through engagement with your guests and music. A Wedding Dj will also take your song suggestions, read the dance floor, make a judgement of what music they would like and then mix it all together to create a great night. Being a Wedding DJ is all about creating an entertaining experience, one that your guests will remember and talk about after your wedding day and reception has finished. At Premier Wedding Dj NI we “don’t just play music”, we actively engage with your guests to create those memories.

3. Equipment

Ensure you ask to see pictures of the Wedding Dj setup so that you know exactly what will be showing up on the night. Do you have a big wedding in a large reception room? Does your chosen Wedding Dj only have one speaker and one light? This is one area not all Wedding Djs are created equal so always ask for those pictures. Also, look out for cabling. Nothing looks as bad as a beautiful reception room and the Dj has cables and plug bars and extension reels hanging in plain sight or straddling the floor for your guests to trip over. If you see this, ask to see the Wedding Dj’s Public Liability Insurance.

4. Planning Makes For A Great Night

Knowing what the planning process is with your Wedding DJ is another important question to ask. Some Wedding Dj’s will take your payment and then just show up on the night. Being that you’ve probably never planned a wedding before, you should look for a company that will work with you during the lead up to your wedding to ensure everything is kept on track.

When you book Premier Wedding Dj NI, you will always have access to help whenever you need it. Plus, we will arrange a pre-Wedding consultation with you both 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding to finalise all details and discuss timelines and ideas for your wedding reception. From the moment you book to when your Premier Wedding Dj takes over, we’ve got you covered.

5. Not All DJs Are The Same

It is essential to know who you are booking for your wedding. As mentioned earlier, a DJ is more than just “music” and should be able to display a level of talent that goes well beyond a large music library and loud speakers. They should be able to create an experience for you and your guests, tailored to your individual wedding. That’s why it’s so important to meet with your entertainment provider before the wedding day. When you book Premier Wedding Dj NI, you can be assured our DJs have many years experience dealing with all different types of weddings. This way you know you are getting the very best for your wedding.